I'm a systems thinker specializing in research, product innovation, strategy, and design. I build and design data-informed products, transform and grow companies through design and grow and lead teams of people with a focus candor, empathy and humor.

I’ve spent almost a decade building products of all kinds, growing teams and companies and building with people in mind. Having started my career creating TV and Film gave me a huge advantage when I grew into a role in Innovation and Product Management to where I am now focused on Product Design.

I get excited by new ideas, solving problems, understanding people and learning brand new things. I’ve worked across education, health, banking, transportation, marketing and predictive technology - I’m currently focused on integrating data and research, future-proofing startups and design teams, the intersection of human-centered and machine-centered thinking (let’s talk about what AI means for you!) and creating fun and safe spaces for people to grow and learn.



Product Design Manager - Building marketing automation tools at PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ) while guiding and growing their product design practice


Mentor for SidexSide. Our goal is to affect change in the design industry by providing women identifying designers and future leaders with goal oriented mentorship and support. 


Instructor at Bridge School for Product Designers, a free part-time program for women, agender, and non-binary people to level up their methods, skills and experience in product design.



Community Strategy Lead 2017/2018 - Helped build and grow Canada's largest community of designers to 1800+ members (across Product, UX, Visual, Interaction, etc) online and offline. designx.community