Product & Design Strategist specializing in data, design and human-first product development to uncover untapped value, translate insights into opportunities and lead a culture of innovation, co-creation and experimentation.

Hi, I'm Cindy!

✹I use design to help companies of all sizes talk to people, solve complex problems and build digital products that bridge technology & human experience.
🔮 I'm interested in future-proofing startups, design teams & cognification.
🀖 I enjoy designing with data and am fascinated by the intersection of human-centered and machine-centered thinking. 

With 5 years specializing in product innovation and design and over 7 in the digital space, I've been very lucky to learn, grow and help build teams and products in the areas of public media, technology, and corporate innovation. I've helped transform companies like TVO into innovative digital organizations, consulted with design innovators like JourneyCX and have led design teams with startups like Quartermaster and LookBookHQ.



Product Design Manager - Building marketing automation tools at PathFactory (formerly LookBookHQ) while guiding and growing their product design practice and contributing to leading the design of a new product MVP and their next-gen analytics product and integrations. 


Community Strategy Lead - Helping grow and engage Canada's largest community of designers (Product, UX, Visual, Interaction, etc) online and offline. designx.community


Mentor for SidexSide. Our goal is to affect change in the design industry by providing women identifying designers and future leaders with goal oriented mentorship and support. 

A few incredible organizations I've worked with: